Tuesday, 24 April 2012

On football and investments-chick steps first!

Monday 16th April Today was not too bad nor too good a workday. Came out tops in my department with regard to quality but still have to improve and catch up considering the last 2 weeks' results. Glad to have my article on Yahoo Voices just before Easter Sunday- considering its relevance. Its getting good traffic if I may add. Next article should be about football, then I'll start writing my memoirs (sic). Tuesday 17th April Returned my Airtel modem for a 3rd time- I'm sure whoever is concerned doesn't know the damage caused but it's nearly causing my PC to crash since I don't care much about using anti virus software. Good news about my school project-turns out there was a technical problem with the submission and some parts went missing in the process. And that's not my fault. Wednesday 18th April The all-Espagne Champions' League Final seems a long way off after Bayern Munich beat Real Madrid 2-1. Courtesy of another last minute winner from a lesson that they picked in May 1999. Thursday 19th April Surprising news of Chelsea beating Barcelona 1-0 at the Bridge. Messi and Guardiola conspicuously subdued. Friday 20th April Spent the day repairing a chicken shed-yes a chicken shed. Why? Because I think that's my next investment strategy-away from Wall Street and City. I think I'm getting more attached to watching actual living things grow as opposed to virtual stuff. Saturday 21st April Having to watch football and writing some articles relating to it is a welcome break from the norm. The problem is that I have to go to work tomorrow while everybody else is resting. Sunday 22nd April Now, when Man.Utd blow a lead they really know how to go about it. Exciting match as they go about drawing 4-4 against Everton after leadind 4-2 at 80 minutes. That sets up an interesting match at the Etihad on 30th April.

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