Tuesday, 10 April 2012

An April Fool's Resolutions and Successes

Sunday April 1st
No April pranks for/against me today- that I can count as a success. Watched a nerve-wrecker match- Man City against Sunderland yesterday. It's pleasing to see a brilliant manager's strategy coming together a la Martin O'Neill, Marcelo 'el loco' Bielsa etc.

Monday 2nd April
I have just realised I need to be more positive despite the recent run of results- to pick a popular quote from the football world. Negativity won't help my overall outlook at work and in school. Pleased to see one of my pals working at a financial investment firm- my finances are just a step away from being sorted out. Fat chance!

Tuesday 3rd April
Woke up to the news of Man Utd's victory over Blackburn- a late 2-0 win. Have to go for refresher training at work tomorrow.

Wednesday 4th April
The good thing about training is that it's a break from normal work. Watched Messi score 2 penalties against Milan- well on his way to becoming the greatest ever.

Thursday 5th April
Final day of my work week- found out too late that school was closed for the Easter weekend. That also happened to me a year ago- don't know where I misplaced my memory. The whole school looks like a ghost town and I'm not even allowed in.

Friday 6th April
Had to relax by watching TV series- I admit I can't make better use of my free time. First, Merlin- about King Arthur's supposed magician which is nothing more than a BBC adaptation of the old Celtic story then a Tv adaptation of John Grisham's the Firm- just for intellectual engagement.

Saturday 7th April
Now Liverpool are Matt Lawrenson's favourite, but they're surely off their perch- can't even get ruuning against the rawhide outfit that is the Villans.

Sunday 8th April
End of my 2 day sleepover. Traffic in the city is marvellous. With most people off to the country for the Easter holidays the roads are deserted.

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