Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Rundown on Champions' League Semi-Finals- and how to prove expectations wrong

Monday 23rd April Yesterday's surrender of a 2 goal lead to Everton was very disappointing to say the least. This gives Man City a fighting chance for the league title. Bring on the derby next Monday and the title is now at stake. Tuesday 24th April It's a lovely wet season and I had myself drenched to the toes but not to worry- have got a late match to watch: Barca against Chelsea- nothing to fret about here for me but I enjoyed Ramires overhead chip over Valdes. Wednesday 25th April First time I've enjoyed a late night match for long- knowing that I'd be off work today. My grandmother's first anniversary today and I thought I'd take a rest for that. Trouble is I think I may have destroyed my PC. Thursday 26th April Feels like the first day of the week and the last -all in one. I'm off work today and tomorrow. I lost my school project on my faulty computer but the good thing is that.I'd sent an email of my final draft to my mentor and it should be retrievable. Friday 27th April No electricity meaning that I had to drag my machine to a cyber place so that it can be 'diagnosed'- I'm told I have to pay for that. The problem could be the mother board, the fan or the processor. The whole unit, in short. Saturday 28th April I escaped payment for the diagnosis yesterday after promising to think over buying an older PC at the same place. Now I have to spend the whole day thinking about it- do I have choices? Sunday 29th April Rode to work alongside a jovial driver whose making my morning look all the more brighter discussing business. The guys at airtel will still not give me a refund despite their being the main reason that my computer crushed. They need me to test their replacement modem yet I don't have a machine to test it on.

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