Monday, 2 April 2012

On how to handle bad results- or how not to

Sunday 25th March
Pity myself having to work on Sundays but one has got to do what one's got to do. Slow internet hampering my good mood.
Monday 26th March
Drub beginning of the week racing to achieve targets- need a miracle to achieve them. I let my account manager have a piece of my mind- I don't regret it. Rooney scored a winner against Fulham. By the time he was celebrating I was in my midsummer night's dream.
Tuesday 27th March
D-day nearing on degree award. My performance was according to plan and that's a good pointer.
Wednesday 28th March
Keeping awake is a struggle. Can't read my emails- feeling frantic until I check my degree status. Can't wait.
Thursday 29th March
Well, the results are out- NEGATIVE- can't explain why but I'm thoroughly disappointed. How bad can things get
Friday 30th March
Feels good to be off-duty- time to freshen up and dust off the bad results. One of my pals had positive results on his degree status so that's a good reason to keep my head up.
Saturday 31st March
Can't wait to get internet access. I really need free flow of information- it's easy to take it foregranted in other parts but here it can mean the difference between success and failure- in their full meanings.

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