Monday, 16 April 2012

Game on for the title: Preview for Man City v Man. Utd: April 30th 2012

Monday 9th April
Dealing with new schedules & superiors is a headache and refreshing at the same time. One thing though, I feel sorry for Shawn Derry, QPR skipper for being wrongly sent off against Man Utd. My opinion is that the decision should be withdrawn to allow QPR to resume the battle against relegation. Utd remain on top of the league but referees should get their decisions right and have the play have the right of spotlight.

Tuesday 10th April
Going through the drudgery that's work and absorbing more pressure like a sponge from the quality department.

Wednesday 11th April
The DW Stadium used to be happy hunting grounds for the Mancunian Reds but not today. Game on for the top spot as Man City win 4-0 against West Brom.

Thursday 12th April
Feeling whooped as to energy-result of sleep-depravation. Some headway on internet access -after reporting to communications authorities- equivalent of FMCC.

Friday 13th April
The dreaded Friday the 13th passes by without raising eyebrows. Despite requesting a review with regards to the assessment criteria, I have to do more research for my degree project-so I went about collecting data at the 2 major banks I'm researching. THen to the laundry in a rain-drenched afternoon.

Saturday 14th April
I wonder what the difference is between 3.75G and 3G in a modem- I still can't have internet access.

Sunday 15th April
Man City winning 6-1 at Norwich & chanting 06161 is one thing, Man Utd beating Villa 4-0 is another.Ashley Young is running against one Juergen Klinsmann for the Goalmouth Theatrics Crown.

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