Monday, 26 March 2012

On Work, School, Soccer and how hard it is to get a fast internet connection in the 21st Century

Woke up with a rumbling tummy threatening to spoil my day. Decided to skip lunch.I weighed my options early in the morning-what to skip between work and lunch.

Learned of Fabrice Muamba's situation with shock-fortunately the news from his hospital is encouraging. The Red is now 4 points ahead in the league table. Not much in the way of new hirings. Need to get a new modem to start a fresh challenge (read job) start.

Gold ounce looking to go down. Currently at $1694. Submitted a Spirit of Easter Article on Yahoo. Thankfully just beat the deadline.

Glad to be moving closer to performance targets at work. One of our clients is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy and seeking a bailout. Will wait to see how that one goes. Messi scored thrice yesterday- pulling away from the greatest chasing pack which includes Maradona, Pele and Zidane.

My sleep-deprived body is threatening to go on strike. Luckily, It's the last day of the week at work. I think that I can do better with my performance targets without anyone breathing down my neck-thank you.
Elsewhere, Man City had a narrow win over Chelsea and they are over the moon. Let's see how they keep up over the weekend.

Spent most of the day repairing my computer. Can't complain- that's on my weekend schedule but I lost a lot of hours just to establish internet connection. Watching DVD series should be my last resort to wind down the week sort of.

Man City lose 2 points to wonder strike from Peter Crouch-the ball didn't even touch the ground from clearance to net-must be contender for goal of the Premiership.
The internet connection is still not established so this can be rated by yours truly a slack weekend. Network providers should really pull up their socks before they cry over lost revenues.

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