Monday, 20 June 2011

Update on BP,Deutsche Tel & Banco Popolare

As this portfolio continues to strengthen,it has experienced the normal volatility of the market with BP going from the green at a 3% top 2 weeks ago and now touching a bottom at a 5.6% below the opening position.
This is explainable by the fact that the stock went ex-dividend right after we went long on 13th June.

Deutsche Tel has also touched lows in the last couple of weeks but has since recovered although it remains in the red.It has recently touched lows of 6% and is now testing a resistance at 2% down from the entry position.This stock also went ex-dividend in May and is now improving from the resultant sell-off.

Banco Popolare is performing magnificently and is the star attraction of the portfolio and currently stands at 33% in the green from the opening position.This set to improve due to the continuing Eurozone Debt crisis.
Wish you all good trades.

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