Monday, 23 May 2011

Today's Highlights:BP,Deutsche Tel and Popolare

Hope you had a fine weekend.

Didn't much trading today,but our trades are doing fine except the Deutsche Tel stock which hasn't moved much from its Friday position.As indicated before,we're not moving from our long positions just yet as we expect an upward push on the stock as the T-Mobile deal inches ahead.

Also went short on Banco Popolare on Friday and was vindicated by Standard & Poor's downgrade of Italy's debt.We won't be moving from this position in the next few days or weeks as there are more problems for Berlusconi in parliament which will continue pushing this stock downwards.And we already have a 29% return from only a few hours of trading on Friday and this morning.
Our BP(LSE) stock is doing surprisingly well despite shedding 7% nearly 2 weeks ago and is currently in the green.
Keep tuned as we build this portfolio from zero to exponential figures.

James Mwangi continues to be long in BP and Deutsche Tel and short in Banco Popolare.This position doesn't necessarily guarantee protection from risk of losses.

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