Saturday, 26 March 2011

Misplaced priorities

My dipleasure about the situation in Kenya.We're busy raising funds for Ocampo's 6 but nobody is talking about the calamities that followed the 2007 election process.
I saw last week a lady who passed her exams excellenly but the sad thing is she read for them lying inside a tent with all the elements.
And the media isn't helping either-The media relies on 2 pillars according to Friedrich Ebert Stiftung,the public policy research entity-objective reporting and investigative reporting-has local media been known for these?Unfortunately the answer is NO!
So what can the public do?-Collect all our impatience in the social media-register our disappointment and stop waiting on the authorities when we can make an effort.
Start by housing those people displaced,giving them words of encouragement in place of weekend long parties that achieve little.Donate 1 lunch serving per week to causes dedicated to IDPs and lastly don't fund any suspect's murder trial-inasmuch as they are innocent until proven otherwise.
To assist towards the emancipation of IDPs,please vote on the following poll.

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